Combined Building & Pest Inspections

Better Building Inspections offers a comprehensive yet easily read report outlining in plain English any problems that may be found.

A view of suburban detached houses, gardens, streets and cars from directly above.

Building Inspections only and Timber pest inspection only

If you already have an up to date timber pest inspection or building inspection our inspector can do a building only and/or timber pest only inspection report.

Repairmen, building inspectors, exterminators, engineers, insurance adjusters, or other blue collar workers examine a building/home's exterior wall and foundation. One wears a red hard hat and clear safety glasses and holds a clipboard. The other helps check foundation's integrity and holds a digital tablet.

Pre-Sale & Pre-Purchase

Better Building Inspections offers a pre-sale/purchase building report for vendors wishing to sell.

This report will be issued not only to the vendor but also the listing agent for sale purposes.

Our inspector is only too happy to answer any queries that a prospective purchaser may have regarding the report.

Once a sale has been achieved and exchanged the reports can also be re-issued into the purchaser’s name.

Termite inspector in residential crawl space inspects a sill for termites.

Handover Building Inspections

Better Building Inspections can also help you with handover building inspections for your newly constructed home.

We inspect the property to ensure the workmanship, standard and finish is what you would expect from a new home.

We can liaise with your builder to supply a list of any defects found to ensure that by the time you are ready to move in, all issues are completed to a satisfactory standard.